Adv. & CPA Simon Yaniv

Bachelor of Laws LLB
CPA Certified Public Accountant

Holder of a lawyer’s license in Israel since 2007.
Accountant since 2002.

Professional knowledge and experience 

Adv. & CPA Simon Yaniv specializes in tax law and money laundering. He has vast knowledge and experience in the area of taxation (income tax, real estate taxation and VAT). 


The firm offers its clients full tax accompaniment from the stage of transaction planning (tax advice and opinions) to discussions with the tax authorities (tax assessments, appeals and proceedings in the various courts).Adv. Simon has a unique experience in Israel in the field of money laundering together with the tax world, which has gained momentum in recent years in view of regulatory requirements on the part of various bodies and institutions under the various tax laws and the Prohibition of Money Laundering Law. Experience and extensive professional knowledge that combines the civil administrative aspect with the criminal aspect, including accompanying and before the tax authorities, banks and courts.


Adv. And CPA Simon Yaniv has extensive experience and experience in the field of taxation, where he worked for 12 years in the Tax Authority, in a variety of positions, including as a senior supervisor in an assessment officer for large enterprises in Tel Aviv, specializing in tax offenses and the capital market at the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office He has served as a manager in the tax department of KPMG (Somekh Chaikin) CPA, has accumulated extensive experience and experience in leading law firms in the field of taxation and has served for many years as a partner in a law firm that deals with taxation and money laundering.


Adv. And CPA Simon Yaniv is a member of professional tax forums (civil and criminal) at the Israel Bar Association and lectures at various forums and conferences in his fields of expertise, including before members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel. In addition, Adv. Yaniv authored and published many articles in his field of expertise and serves as a member of the expert team of “Hashavim”, which provides answers to questions of tax professionals and professional referees of the Board of Certified Public Accountants in Israel.

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